Forsaken Motorsports Ducati Clutch Cover 999 1098 1198 Streetfighter

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Ducati Clutch Cover 999 1098 1198 Streetfighter

Designed and CNC'd in-house from a billet of 6061 aluminum, this Ducati clutch cover gives a new look to your bike.  The main idea was to make it as different as possible from the other styles out there while at the same time keeping it robust and good looking.  The bullet style holes towards the rear will help to evacuate the heat and the dust from the clutch disks.  To help get rid of any water accumulation when riding in wet conditions, a groove is machined at the bottom of the clutch cover.

  • Anodized matte black.
  • Clutch cover will fit DUCATI 999/1098/1198/1098 Streetfighter.
  • Machined in 6061 aluminum.
  • Retains the same bolts.
  • Small groove on the bottom to help water escape.